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Blog Writing

I like to keep my client list small to ensure my writing stays fresh. Every blog is composed with your voice in mind. Too many voices and my work runs the risk of becoming one big jumbled mess of banality. 

Every new client relationship begins with a free thirty-minute discussion about what you want to achieve with your blog and whether I can help you or not. The first blog is submitted as a sample. If you like it, then you pay for it, and we establish an ongoing contract. If you don't, it is deleted, and we go our separate ways - simple.

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Blog post pricing

My base rate for casual clients is NZ$60ph. If you commit to one or more blogs a month, the rate comes down to NZ$50ph. 

How long it takes to produce a publishable blog depends on several factors: 

  • How much research is required beforehand.
  • How much copy/research you provide in advance.
  • The length of the blog.
  • When you want it completed. Believe it or not, the longer the deadline, the less time it takes to write as my brain ruminates about your topic 'off the clock'.

How long does it take to write a blog post?

On average, an 800-1000 word blog takes me between four to five hours to write. Some of my clients supply just a topic heading with research links attached, whilst others provide copy that only requires a spit and polish. If you are specifically looking for a fixed price or a package deal, no problem, but it is something we will need to negotiate. Let's talk.   

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Website content

Have a brand promise, website developer and a marketing plan already? Fantastic, creating content that encourages readers to engage with your business will be easy. If you don't, no worries, I have enough experience under my belt to help you create your brand promise and can put you in touch with an excellent web designer and a marketing strategist.


What it costs to write web content.

Time is money as they say, and knowing what your company stands for and having a plan for what you want your website to say will save you money in the long run. 

Like my blogs, I work on an hourly rate, but for website copy, it is a flat rate of NZ$50ph. How long it will take depends on how much information you provide, how much research/fact-checking I have to do and how many pages of content you require. All content includes keyword integration and is designed to speak to your ideal customer.  I offer a thirty-minute free consultation to discuss your needs and am happy to work as part of your marketing team, with your web designer or as a stand-alone provider.      


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Apps like Grammarly are great, but you still need a bit of knowledge to decide if the changes it suggests are right for your piece or not. I have helped many friends and colleagues over the years produce work of a publishable standard. My fee is $40 per page, but this is negotiable for job seekers and Not for Profits.  Contact me to discuss your needs.

"In an online world, our online words are our emissaries;
they tell the world who we are." – Ann Handley

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